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Welcome to GrayCo Welding, Fabrication and Welding Supplies..!!!

   Welcome to our web site. GrayCo is a privately owned Welding and Fabrication Company based out of Neosho Missouri. We are conveniently located in the Neosho Industrial Park.

   We are proud to be of service to the four state area and pride ourselves in quality work and customer service.

   We are available for portable repairs, in shop repairs, Industrial Facility Repairs, Parts Fabrication and reconstructive replication.

Looking forward to helping you with your projects...
    Be sure to ask about our Plasma Cutting services. We have the capability of producing Decorative Gates, Mailbox Posts, Flower Box Frames and just about anything ornamental you have in mind.

    Part replication has now been streamlined so we dont have to re-invent the wheel each time you require additional parts produced. After the first design we keep your parts on file for next time, saves time and money for the bottom line.

    Take a second look at that Farm implement that has been sitting around busted, throw it on a trailer and bring it to us. We'll be glad to repair that broken piece or duplicate it, whichever is most economical or suits your needs.

& Fabrication

PHONE: 417-850-6643
3199 Howard Bush Drive,
Neosho, Missouri 64850
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We are located about a half of a mile south of the intersection of HWY. 59/60 and Howard Bush Dr.
Hours: 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday
CNC Plasma Cutting
Bow Shooting Deck Modification
Motorized Chair MiniVan Ramp
Check out our growing Product line

Proudly announcing we have become an Authorized Praxair Dealer..!!!

    We will soon be positioning ourselves to stock welding consumables as well. Wire, stick, Miller Tips, Lincoln Tips, safety equipment and much more. Please keep in mind that we can order anything that we don't have and have it for you the next day. We would love to customize our inventory to suit your needs!

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